Sunday, August 20, 2006


Scallywag, Fudge & Macey

(Katy with Scallywag and Fudge, and Fudge, Tamale, & Macey)

Oh how behind I get on the blogging. We've Scallywag, then Scallywag with Fudge, then just Fudge and then Fudge and Macey. It's always a doggie party here. Needle Noses: Scallywag, Fudge, Macey

I've also had some minor issues with my own Tamale. Clearly this isn't my fault. No way. Hey, if she does this once a month, it won't kill her or make her a meany. We've had her for 2.5 years and she's been up with me on the Womb or couch all of 5 times. I still think this is Mark's fault! Needle Noses: Tamale's been bad!


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