Friday, July 21, 2006


Bye to Jack, & 'Lo to Pearl

I have to make this quick!
We're going through dogs so fast. There aren't many cat homes for fostering, so once they get used to the cats, they often get sent to another foster family so another dog can leave the kennel. It's not as slick as it is in the U.S., but I love that all the volunteers know each other or know of each other.

We lost Jack (who was thrilled that Italy beat France, but Tamale was still sore about Germany) to another foster family who had his brother. But we got Pearl in return. She's a laaaaady! Needle Noses: Bye to Jack and 'Lo to Pearl

You'll be able to see from the photos that she is most delicate and feminine. She also drives Tamale wild. Tamale is not bi-sexual, she's bi-attracted. Let's not fool ourselves. NO one is t o come near her booty. No one. But she does fancy both the ladies and the boys. Pearl is getting spayed Monday. Whew! Tamale is finding her scent wildly alluring. It doesn't bother us in theory, but straight or gay, dog or human, please don't hump in front of us during My Name is Earl and Lost. We don't watch much telly, but what we do watch we take seriously!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


'Ats da Facts, Jack! (two Jack posts in one)

We said good-bye to Dexter and a re-hello to Jack.
Jack has issues. He's funny and totally adoptable, but he's not without a few issues. Seems he was a good runner, but didn't want to hang with other dogs. He's still that way. He's a solo boy. Very shy. ...but playful. He's a big tail wagger as he tries to decide if he should come to you or run and hide.

I don't know how many we've done since we started fostering.... 25+? It's one reason I try to blog this. I don't want to forget any foster.... or at least I wanted a way to revisit them. I'm losing count. ... like I lost count of all the men who wanted to live with me forever. I lost count right after one.

He's also not much of a World Cup fan, unlike Tamale. Needle Noses: Not Quite a World Cup Fan

Jack is camera shy. Getting him to pose or stay still is like pulling teeth. He has no respect for my need to show off his eye liner and his charcoal-kissed mouth.
He does like his toys, though. Sometimes he comes out of hiding just to steal toys from Tamale... or my knitting! Needle Noses: Get Back for a Jack attack!

Time to do laundry. You know it's chore time when I start blogging.

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