Sunday, June 11, 2006


Tamale in panties! Jonesy poops! Dexter rests.

I like how the lavender brings out the pink of Tamale's belly. Who says ruined undies can't be used for some blogging fun? I cut a hole in them for her tail. She wore them all of 4 minutes. I can't put her through that much torture. It's not really torture if it's Pink Panther boy cuts.

So, blackhead update, splatter poo, babysitting Jack, and our new dog from the vet school... DEXTER!

I'd like to just say that you can't escape things. I mentioned in the running blog about my iPod escaping or trying to escape death. Now it's pet humiliation.....

Needle Noses: Doggie Girly Shots

Now I spent too much time mucking about with my templates. I was behind on too many things. Time for bed. Thank goodness the queen is being celebrated on Monday. I'd had to have lost this day completely. Whoo hoo! I love a 3-day weekend!

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