Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Dexter says ciao!

I've been lazy. Yes, and doing dishes is all part of my grand scheme of laziness.

Just a few reports on Dexter. It looks like he's leaving this weekend. He should go to his forever home and Tamale will play tart with her grey friends at Brooke's place (she's sort of a greyhound party mom.... has a few grey pets and welcomes Tamale when we leave town.... and I think she supplies them treats I don't... all very suss!).

Mark and I are off to skip and sashay around the Gold Coast and call it a marathon. I skip. He sashays.

I'm going to be link lazy as I want to go to bed soon. Both stories can be found here: Needle Noses Main Page. HabanOHNO and Dexter gets an A+ on independent study are his last posts.

HabanOHNO involves a very dangerous pepper.

A+ are his last photos and, as this is a family blog I feel I must warn our younger members, there is some hot dog luvin!

Management can not be held responsible if your dog humps your leg.

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