Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Coming soon to a seedy theatre near you...

I've been away for a bit doing my business. Like Zuni here, as a kitten, doing her business, never realizing that she'd be key in greyhound adoption 13 years later.

But there are posts coming.
Been happy happy joy joy puss puss moo land for two weeks with friend. Now she's gone and I'm all alone. A love song keeps coming to my mind... bugger. cheesy songs always infiltrate me. But no. I'm in a blue mood as I recover from massive homesickness and a week of headaches and migraines.

But the doggie news...
There'll be posts on Banjo (he be gone).
There'll be posts on Jonesy (he be here).
There's a return of Banjo and the request to squeeze the blackheads of Jonesy (oh laws how I wish I were kidding).

and I think I am not caught up on retro introductions.


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