Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Banjo leaves, Jonesy's here, and stuff I'd rather not share

well... I have to share it!

First a bit of sad news. Banjo was adopted out but returned. Probably the joy of being a puppy. He'll be alright. He's a great dog. Just wasn't a match.
Needle Noses: Good-bye Banjo! Hello, Jonesy!"

And then there is this. ....

I can't even post a photo to describe what I'm about to do. I'm sure when it happens, there'll be photos, but ... I'm just not there yet.
Needle Noses: I must have been a baaaaaad person

I'm in hell.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Coming soon to a seedy theatre near you...

I've been away for a bit doing my business. Like Zuni here, as a kitten, doing her business, never realizing that she'd be key in greyhound adoption 13 years later.

But there are posts coming.
Been happy happy joy joy puss puss moo land for two weeks with friend. Now she's gone and I'm all alone. A love song keeps coming to my mind... bugger. cheesy songs always infiltrate me. But no. I'm in a blue mood as I recover from massive homesickness and a week of headaches and migraines.

But the doggie news...
There'll be posts on Banjo (he be gone).
There'll be posts on Jonesy (he be here).
There's a return of Banjo and the request to squeeze the blackheads of Jonesy (oh laws how I wish I were kidding).

and I think I am not caught up on retro introductions.


Monday, May 15, 2006


Banjo's out, Jonesy's in... and I'm not there to see all this!

I'm in Cairns right now... You know... in an internet cafe as it's been o'cast and rainy the entire time we've been here. Harrumph. We're having a great time, though. I did contact the Manboy and he told me that Kirsty the Evil has taken my Banjo, but dropped off Jonesy at the same time. The old bait'n'switch on Tamale. She never noticed that her boytoy toyboy left. Seems Jonesy is also quite the hotty, but much more mature.

Pictures and a better post when I return.

Now, I must go and cruise your blogs!


Saturday, May 06, 2006


Mmmmm.... hello, scratch my belly!

Just some updates on Banjo. He's not an expert in cockroaching and he's been a bit naughty....
Needle Noses: Look ma, no paws!

You can also see him in the movie of the month on my site (the one that saves me $$$ on long distance phone bills).
Movie of the Month: Banjo Movie

And just a little photo for you. Tamale and I are modeling the yoga socks I was knitting when Mark was commenting on my very impressive ability to knit and stretch clad only in a towel.

I'm very excited... a friend I've known since I was 10 is coming to visit. Her first trip to Australia. I need to clean. ... not blog. ... clean.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Lazy bastards!

This is just a link to another blog. Not the greyhound blog. My own to my friends back home. As you may or may not read, I couldn't decide if this was more about dogs, running, or the domestic bliss a casa CasHew (combination of our last names).

I think what this shows about greyhounds is their calm nature. If you're a runner, you'll understand the volume that isn't captured on digital camera. If you're not... well, start running and enjoy the fun!

Musings of a Texan in Oz: When one of us suffers, we all suffer!

I'm having trouble getting photos of Banjo. He's the most mobile wiggly thing I've had and in the time between pressing the button and the coolpix actually taking the photo, Banjo is gone already.

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