Thursday, April 27, 2006


A Day Off

This past Tuesday was ANZAC Day here. Think Memorial Day if you're American. Mark and I had a run around the river and then we came home to give the dogs the "last walk." Banjo lost his man-berries the following day. No walks for a week while his dangly bits heal.

The cats are showing signs of age and this pains me. I deal with it by not thinking about it. I am a pretty laid back woman, but my animals and husband are under strict instructions not to die. I hold them to this rule.

It's not an impressive blog, but just a little glimpse... and hey, we WILL be painting this house. Green?! Oy! Naturally we're going to paint it purple with bright green and red accents. As if any other color combination is an option!

Needle Noses: Mark/Kids ANZAC Day.

Now I must go and work on my new blog... I have to write to Mark doesn't hear me yammer all the time. It's YAMMER TIME!

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