Thursday, April 13, 2006


Catching up on the Needle Noses

It's been a while. we were in Canberra (Trip to Canberra). Mark did a marathon, I did the marathon eve 10k. Was going to do another tomorrow for Good Friday's Easter Egg Fun Run, but after the amount of Thai curry I had tonight (I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW.... i forgot, get off my case), me thinks I might just run several loops of my own hood as to be near a potty, lest tomorrow be written up as the day Katy turned Good Friday's fun run into Bun Runs! I have not mastered the green curry quick step... I hear it's a lot like Yassos.

But this isn't about the pink furless bipedal runner with the knockout chest and the fine sublime booty (hey, online, I'm HOT!)

This is about how Greys can curl up into wee balls and some fun outings for our cause....Needle Noses: Goldieball


Our fun weekend with TWO greys... Needle Noses: Maddie and Banjo.

Okay, I must get to bed now. Must get up early enough to... you know... Too bad I can't run with the hounds... would love to have something to blame.

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