Thursday, April 27, 2006


A Day Off

This past Tuesday was ANZAC Day here. Think Memorial Day if you're American. Mark and I had a run around the river and then we came home to give the dogs the "last walk." Banjo lost his man-berries the following day. No walks for a week while his dangly bits heal.

The cats are showing signs of age and this pains me. I deal with it by not thinking about it. I am a pretty laid back woman, but my animals and husband are under strict instructions not to die. I hold them to this rule.

It's not an impressive blog, but just a little glimpse... and hey, we WILL be painting this house. Green?! Oy! Naturally we're going to paint it purple with bright green and red accents. As if any other color combination is an option!

Needle Noses: Mark/Kids ANZAC Day.

Now I must go and work on my new blog... I have to write to Mark doesn't hear me yammer all the time. It's YAMMER TIME!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Maddie masters the art of kiddoflage!

Greyhounds and kids. My stepchildren are 10 and 12 going on 8 and 21. We had 3 dogs, 2 kids, 2 cats and 2 adults... and mostly we were in the same room. C and A made all sorts of force fields around the dogs using some magnetic stick and ball thing from Australian Geographic. Because they did not have the engineering degree to build an active force field, the dogs were able to disregard it without losing hair or brain cells. C and A moved on to burying the dogs in the dogs' toys. There was no resistance. C and A are good around the dogs, so there was no stress. And hey, being buried in plushies was heaven!

Needle Noses: where's Maddie?

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Catching up on the Needle Noses

It's been a while. we were in Canberra (Trip to Canberra). Mark did a marathon, I did the marathon eve 10k. Was going to do another tomorrow for Good Friday's Easter Egg Fun Run, but after the amount of Thai curry I had tonight (I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW.... i forgot, get off my case), me thinks I might just run several loops of my own hood as to be near a potty, lest tomorrow be written up as the day Katy turned Good Friday's fun run into Bun Runs! I have not mastered the green curry quick step... I hear it's a lot like Yassos.

But this isn't about the pink furless bipedal runner with the knockout chest and the fine sublime booty (hey, online, I'm HOT!)

This is about how Greys can curl up into wee balls and some fun outings for our cause....Needle Noses: Goldieball


Our fun weekend with TWO greys... Needle Noses: Maddie and Banjo.

Okay, I must get to bed now. Must get up early enough to... you know... Too bad I can't run with the hounds... would love to have something to blame.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Cole: Hello and Good-bye

Whooo... We lose Becky one day, gain Cole the next, and he's gone as of tomorrow (Weds). No matter how long you have them, the dogs find their way into your heart. It's one reason I am blogging this. I never want to forget a dog.

This one includes a movie in the blog. I hope it works.

Needle Noses..Cole: Hello and Good-Bye

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