Sunday, March 05, 2006


What is with the rug?!

it's a scummy rug. was cheap as. not like we'll fork over the dough for a rug when we have two cats and a revolving door of foster greyhounds and our own greyt. But seriously, they LIVE on it. i can't figure out how i'll clean it with all the water restrictions and the lack of a good drying queensland sun. it's a CSI rug. i read a foster blog today and i liked his line about how pet hair is a new condiment in his house. yup. see, we'll live forever because of the hair of the dog...s... and cats.

back to the rug

for some reason, the dogs love the rug and with Becky, the rug has special powers....

Needle Noses: What's with the rug?

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