Friday, March 31, 2006


A Dark and Stormy Night

The day was filled with gloom from the beginning. Katy was too tired in the am to get up for an überearly run that would have allowed her to get to work by 7:15. The day was grey and getting darker. The arrogant bitch at work was on her case, Pedantic Doily Twit was back and "goodness graciousing" to no end. Katy tried to lighten the day with a purchase of Keens, but no style to her liking in her size. While she did get a pair of comfy hippie shoes to turn off even the most viagra addicted randy boy, her joy was tempered by the worry of cycling home in the storm that was, and I quote, "a brewin'." The wee boss shooed her home, "you're riding your bike, you should go now!" (oh to go home early on a Friday? Tweeest my arm!" Things were looking up... Perhaps the day wasn't so grey. The dogs still seem to enjoy my arrival and appreciate an opened door. The cats hadn't puked. and the dirty dishes hadn't multiplied on their own... but then...



A Dark and Stormy Night

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