Thursday, March 02, 2006


coming posts

for when i'm not overly zonked to write.

we've lost our two foster boys, but are promised a bitch. see, i do this just so i can say bitch in everyday conversation.

1) there'll be the good-bye party pics...
2) a FAQ rant... "are greyhounds vicious" YES... DEADLY AND OUT OF CONTROL. DID YOU NOT SEE THE MOVIE "PREDATOR & ALIEN vs. THE RETIRED GREYHOUND?!... that's why i keep 2-3 around me at all times. i live on the edge. sigh....
on serious note, most people really don't know... so the rant is against australia and ireland... the only countryies that require that they're muzzled in public
3) and (hopefully) the becky introduction.

gotta run. my stinky hubby is outside bitching about how i've locked him out. seems he's been yelling at me to let him in from his morning run. yell louder, bub. i've still got my ear phones in. really. where is the effort?

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