Friday, March 31, 2006


A Dark and Stormy Night

The day was filled with gloom from the beginning. Katy was too tired in the am to get up for an überearly run that would have allowed her to get to work by 7:15. The day was grey and getting darker. The arrogant bitch at work was on her case, Pedantic Doily Twit was back and "goodness graciousing" to no end. Katy tried to lighten the day with a purchase of Keens, but no style to her liking in her size. While she did get a pair of comfy hippie shoes to turn off even the most viagra addicted randy boy, her joy was tempered by the worry of cycling home in the storm that was, and I quote, "a brewin'." The wee boss shooed her home, "you're riding your bike, you should go now!" (oh to go home early on a Friday? Tweeest my arm!" Things were looking up... Perhaps the day wasn't so grey. The dogs still seem to enjoy my arrival and appreciate an opened door. The cats hadn't puked. and the dirty dishes hadn't multiplied on their own... but then...



A Dark and Stormy Night

Monday, March 20, 2006


Video of Becky: link fixed

i have a wee digital camera that lets me take small videos. i had to capture Becky's spazmatroid behaviour. well, she's not really a spaz. right now she's asleep... again. .... still.... as usual. but when I come home, it's aaaaaall about the booty shakin'.

i tried to get this with the theme to the banana splits show, but i worried about a cease and be-pissed order.

this should work now. why can't links just understand my needs?
Becky Begs at Balcony

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


2-FAQ Fershur

oh, i had to rant on the dummarsch questions i get. questions that make me nuts and make Tamale lose her head.

Needle Noses: 2-FAQ Fershur

Monday, March 06, 2006


They're just being mean

i continue to struggle with the bravery gene in becky. the main struggle is that she is lacking in this gene. the cats have detected this and now play a game with her.

really unfair. ...but kind of amusing.

Needle Noses: Now they're just being mean!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


What is with the rug?!

it's a scummy rug. was cheap as. not like we'll fork over the dough for a rug when we have two cats and a revolving door of foster greyhounds and our own greyt. But seriously, they LIVE on it. i can't figure out how i'll clean it with all the water restrictions and the lack of a good drying queensland sun. it's a CSI rug. i read a foster blog today and i liked his line about how pet hair is a new condiment in his house. yup. see, we'll live forever because of the hair of the dog...s... and cats.

back to the rug

for some reason, the dogs love the rug and with Becky, the rug has special powers....

Needle Noses: What's with the rug?



There's got to be a superhero that uses extreme wuss'ism to fight the good fight.

I'm not going to bother counting the rooms in our house, but let's just say it's more than two, but two is the number of rooms that Becky feels safe in. And really just one. The sleep-out is only safe to walk into so we can stick our head in the bedroom and plead for Mark and Katy to wake up and come out into the living room to watch us sleep safely on the rug of security. We don't actually enter the bedroom as there are small furry beasts with rotating paws of death!

Needle Noses: Becky


Good-bye to my boys and my boys' buoys

After a month with Charlie and just barely a work week with CeeJay, I had to say good-bye to my boys. First they were here, fully equipped, then they were gone... and "they" were gone, too. Do they associate me with that? Perhaps it's good they left. I don't think I could handle two Castrati mad at me.

Tamale was very sad about the whole thing.

Needle Noses (Foster Greyhound Blog): Good-bye to my boys

Thursday, March 02, 2006


coming posts

for when i'm not overly zonked to write.

we've lost our two foster boys, but are promised a bitch. see, i do this just so i can say bitch in everyday conversation.

1) there'll be the good-bye party pics...
2) a FAQ rant... "are greyhounds vicious" YES... DEADLY AND OUT OF CONTROL. DID YOU NOT SEE THE MOVIE "PREDATOR & ALIEN vs. THE RETIRED GREYHOUND?!... that's why i keep 2-3 around me at all times. i live on the edge. sigh....
on serious note, most people really don't know... so the rant is against australia and ireland... the only countryies that require that they're muzzled in public
3) and (hopefully) the becky introduction.

gotta run. my stinky hubby is outside bitching about how i've locked him out. seems he's been yelling at me to let him in from his morning run. yell louder, bub. i've still got my ear phones in. really. where is the effort?

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