Saturday, February 25, 2006


Greyhound Logistics

Sometimes fostering requires more of a logical mind and less of a fluffy full of love mind.

Most of the time my hostess and fosters travel sans muzzle. But when I have two boys, fully loaded in the bits, and new to each other? Muzzle city...
The other day I had to take one dog (Charlie) to see how he'd be with a really loud squeaky dog, then pick up another one (CeeJay) on the way home. I'll have them both until they lose their boulders, plums, manberries, orbs of feistiness, then CeeJay will come back and Charlie will go and recover at another foster home. So... yeah... organisation. Three dogs in this small house is really too much for Mark, but about 3 too few for me.

Needle Noses (Foster Greyhound Blog): Greyhound Logistics

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