Sunday, February 26, 2006


Retro-Introduction: Tim

Thieving Tim takes Tamale's Toy!

And how many bloggers do you know alliterate? I ask you... Almost none. Be happy you know me.

Tim was the first dog we cat tested. Usually our dogs come to us pre cat tested, but Tim's owner was closer to us than the other families, so ... LUCKY MY CATS!

He did very well and was housed in a heavenly home. See? I can do it twice in one entry.

Needle Noses (Foster Greyhound Blog): Tim

Saturday, February 25, 2006



Looooook intoooooooo my eyyyyyyyyyes......

Guess we know what color the back of their eyes is.

CeeJay... Race name? Mr. Cholesterol. Where do they get these names?

He's young and hot. Now I have two young and hot males and one sexy bitch. She's not equipped, but they are (until Tuesday) and it's all about posturing. While the boys get along, when she walks by, there's a huffin, a flexin' and a growlin.... But it's all good. In the detailed foster blog, you can see the boys get along just fine, as long as the canine tease is not stirring their hormonal hell.

Needle Noses (Foster Greyhound Blog) CeeJay


Greyhound Logistics

Sometimes fostering requires more of a logical mind and less of a fluffy full of love mind.

Most of the time my hostess and fosters travel sans muzzle. But when I have two boys, fully loaded in the bits, and new to each other? Muzzle city...
The other day I had to take one dog (Charlie) to see how he'd be with a really loud squeaky dog, then pick up another one (CeeJay) on the way home. I'll have them both until they lose their boulders, plums, manberries, orbs of feistiness, then CeeJay will come back and Charlie will go and recover at another foster home. So... yeah... organisation. Three dogs in this small house is really too much for Mark, but about 3 too few for me.

Needle Noses (Foster Greyhound Blog): Greyhound Logistics

Friday, February 24, 2006


Soon to be published

New dog CeeJay (no, really... written out.... race name? Mr. Cholesterol)

Taking Charlie (Mr. Wasarbelle) to a home to see if he's a suitable match.

Greyhound logistics.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Scratch-Me-Happy: LINK FIXED

Let me introduce you to Rocky... race name Scratch-Me-Happy. There are too many Rockies out there... Or would it be Rockys in this case? Anyway, Rocky, Angel, Chief... been done too often. If you had the choice wouldn't you have gone for Scratch-Me-Happy? And check out those eyes. Perfectly applied eyeliner, or what?


Needle Noses (Foster Greyhound Blog) SCRATCH!



Jimmy. Jimmmaaaay!

Jimmy was our first foster dog. We've now had 14 (I think).

Jimmy had this odd sleeping position. No foster since has been so into sleeping à la rack.

Needle Noses (Foster Greyhound Blog) Retro-Introduction: Jimmy


A man a plan a canal panama!

Introducing Tamale (the plan) and Mark (the man).

See, on me, big thighs and little ankles wouldn't be so cute. Nor would having roo feet. But enough about Mark...

The photo of Angel Moonlily gave me the idea of putting up all the photos of the dogs we've had. In no order. That wouldn't be fun.

The stories of the specific dogs are found by clicking on the Linkydink "IHateToast" over to your right. No, up a bit. There.

I should also put a photo or two of the two very patient cats who help train these guys to live safely with felines. Living safely does not mean they don't annoy the living crappé out of them, but it does mean they don't eat them.


Needle Noses (Foster Greyhound Blog)


Angel Moonlily

How can you not love a crosseyed dog?

Angel passed a big test. Not only did she have to become cat safe, she had to be proven chook safe!

Needle Noses (Foster Greyhound Blog), Retro-Introduction: Moonlily

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